Jessica A. CAMTC# 55578


Jessica received her training at the National Holistic Institute in Encino. It was there that she discovered her fascination with human anatomy and the vast medical benefits that hands on healing can provide. With over 8 years of experience, Jessica has a myriad of specialties: manual lymphatic drainage massage providing post surgical techniques to reduce swelling and speed healing , oncology massage to safely work on people that have undergone cancer treatment or have lymphedema, Rotator Cuff Solutions working on issues and injuries involving the muscles surrounding the shoulder (which includes the upper back, neck, chest, upper arm, and deep muscles beneath the shoulder blades), and Jessica also has special certification in the biomechanics of the thoracic and lumbar Spine using myoskeletal alignment techniques which allows her to help clients with scoliosis, multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions affecting the spine.

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