About Us

Take Care – A Therapeutic Massage Studio is committed to providing compassionate, intuitive and professional licensed therapeutic bodywork treatments.


Located in Woodland Hills California, our studio offers personalized treatments in a warm and relaxing environment where your comfort is our primary goal. Our experienced staff have a passion for their craft and are very sincere about helping others through touch therapy. We are open 6 days a week and will do our very best to schedule an appointment when it is most convenient for you.

Each room is furnished with luxury spa linens and blankets, warm towels, the highest quality specialized oils and lotions for your personalized treatment and other allied tools and equipment to help make your therapeutic massage deeply relaxing and restorative.  Our lounge is comfortable, quiet and calming. We provide tea service, bottled water and snacks while you wait. We also carry a variety of spa and massage products to enjoy at home.

Our intention is to provide exemplary, personalized service and to focus on you through therapeutic massage. We are a reaction to the emergence of low quality massage parlors and big corporations that have devalued the craft of massage therapy. We take on a holistic approach, using trans-formative bodywork treatments to help your mind, body and spirit achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. We offer these high quality treatments at a fair and respectable price. For the healthy weekend warrior to those who are not able bodied and everyone else in between, we will be here to help you.

At Take Care – A Therapeutic Massage Studio, let us focus on you.